Who we are

Cincinnatus Consulting LLC is a full-service project management consulting firm dedicated to delivering comprehensive security strategies and implementation support to large corporations, public agencies and institutions that provide high-value and high-risk products and services. Our clients range from municipalities, shipping concerns, ports of entry and other government agencies, to public utilities, communications, finance and chemical companies, to high-profile heritage sites, special events and tourism destinations.

We offer a comprehensive array of integrated security solutions that allow our clients to deliver piece of mind to their clients by guaranteeing the safe and efficient delivery of goods, services and public wellbeing. Solutions are organized into three suites that follow a strategic logic, from assessment and planning, to communications and implementation. Our planning services include security assessment, technology infrastructure and human resource solutions. Our communications services encompass project stakeholder advocacy, public relations crisis management and strategic external relations solutions. Our implementation services include solutions to project management, financial development and strategic sourcing.