Your Confidence and Security

Not only are we committed to solving your security needs, we also guarantee the security of our consulting engagement. All client conversations, data requests and interviews are conducted with the utmost confidence. Cincinnatus Consulting also follows stringent internal security protocols designed to manage content and information for the most sensitive client engagements. Ultimately, your security depends on our security.

Hard-Copy Document Handling: Hard copy client paperwork is managed through a bound dossier held by the client manager for each project. Duplicate dossiers are created for other project consultants, as needed. Scrap copies and drafts are shredded before discard. Secure on-site and off-site solutions are arranged or available for document storage during the consulting engagement. We keep our working papers in secure storage for one year following the completion of a project. After that, documents are either returned to the client or shredded, according to the client’s wishes.

Electronic Data Handling: All project electronic files and data are maintained in electronic dossiers on the laptops of the client manager and relevant project consultants. Backups are maintained on a central external hard drive. Transfers of sensitive data files are conducted via our secure FTP site run from a SSL (secure) server, or via direct CD or USB Flash Drive transfer. Following the completion of a project, electronic dossiers are erased from individual consultant laptops. Copies of the dossiers are archived on the Cincinnatus external hard drive for one year following the close of a project, after which they are copied to CD and returned to the client or erased, according to the client’s wishes.