Our Expertise and Strategy

Cincinnatus Consulting offers more than 70 years of top security management and operations experience; more than 30 years of strategic project management and development experience; more than 20 years of high-performance experience in financial strategy development, strategic sourcing, Federal grant-seeking and proposal writing; and more than 30 years of public advocacy, public relations and political lobbying experience. Our expertise falls into three distinct areas of high-value and high-risk entities:

(1) Government and Public-Sector-Related Entities

  • Ports of entry such as airports, seaports, border crossings, and railways
  • Inland mass transit, such as municipal transit agencies, bus depots, highways, bridges and tunnels
  • Public utilities, such as sanitation, water, electric, gas and fuel oil companies and distributors

(2) Private Corporate Entities

  • Chemical manufacturers/handlers, particularly petrochemicals and other high-risk products
  • Mass communications companies, such as telephone, fiber-optic, radio and television
  • Shipping companies, including maritime, airfreight, railway and trucking transport

(3) Heritage and Entertainment Sites and Events

  • High-profile national heritage monuments, parks, museums and districts
  • High-volume entertainment destinations and events, such sporting events and national celebrations

Cincinnatus offers a strategic and approach to addressing your security needs. While you may only need a selection of our services, we find that the highest value can be delivered when we are able to engage with a client through the entire process from assessment and planning through implementation. Our planning services assess your needs and compliance with regulations and plan your security infrastructure and operations to exceed all standards. Our implementation services offer general project management and support, help you identify and leverage grants and other financing packages and provide complete strategic project sourcing using our network of superior vendors. Finally, our communications services assist you in managing everything from internal and external stakeholder buy-in for your project, to general publicity concerning your security initiatives, to crisis-response public relations in the event of a sensitive incident or event.