Cincinnatus Consulting offers two professional fee structures. The first is project-based. Professional fees are estimated on an hourly or daily basis, based on the project scope and duration. The second is retainer-based for projects of less predictable or variable nature, for which maximum flexibility is required. In this case, Cincinnatus consultants will be available to the client for specific time periods calculated by units of weeks or months.

In addition to professional fees, we charge our clients an administrative fee for clerical costs relating to the project. This fee is calculated as a percent of the professional fees, and the percent may vary from project to project. Finally, direct costs, such as meals, travel, accommodations, special permits and licenses, etc. are charged to the client without markup. Estimated expenses will be stated in our proposal. Any increases during the consulting engagement must be pre-approved by the client. We will make every effort to minimize expenses through using client facilities, support services and/or preferred vendors, depending on the availability and quality of these resources.