(1) Preliminary Needs Assessment
To begin the consulting process, Cincinnatus Consulting will conduct an obligation-free, cost-free preliminary assessment of your security needs, which may entail anything from basic document and data requests, to meetings and site visits. This assessment will be used to estimate the nature and scope of the project, as well as identify key stakeholders and deliverables.

(2) Proposal Development
Working from the preliminary needs assessment, we will prepare a detailed proposal that outlines the nature, scope, objectives and deliverables for the engagement, all of which will guarantee a firm measure of project success. In addition, the proposal will detail the roles and responsibilities for both consultant and client, the plan of work with interview and data requests, the general terms of the contractual relationship and projected cost estimates. Proposals may be honed and revised in dialogue with the client.

(3) The Engagement
Once a client accepts a proposal, we issue a contract and begin work. Depending on the nature of the engagement, Cincinnatus may work at or away from the client work site. Success vitally depends on a commitment to thorough and timely delivery of information from both client and consultant. Interviews must be conducted in private and without interruption. In keeping with our stated security protocols, we value and maintain the utmost confidentiality throughout the consulting process.

(4) The Client Report
At the end of the engagement, we will present our results and recommendations to the project stakeholders for feedback, final adjustments and approval. We will then prepare a final client report in hard copy and electronic form as the final and most comprehensive documentation of the engagement.