Every client and project is unique.
Cincinnatus Consulting LLC works with a hands-on and white-glove approach to each client and project. Beyond our core partnership, we work with a diverse network of independent consultants and companies that allow us to customize project teams and solutions to the precise needs of each client. Universal models and one-size-fits-all solutions never deliver value.

Honesty and trust are key to the consulting relationship.
We place high value on an inclusive process involving all key stakeholders, and on the ability of both you and our consultants to speak openly and directly about the problems and solutions at the core of our work. We are not ‘yes-men’ and will not hesitate to voice our opinions, but we will also listen closely to you. Together we will arrive at the most appropriate solution.

Regulations and standards only exist to be exceeded.
The security industry works within a growing and complex code of regulations and standards of operations and technology. We know all of the them and keep ourselves constantly up-to-date, not for the purpose of making sure you meet regulations, but rather so that you can exceed them—and without breaking your back or bank account.

Integrated solutions deliver the highest value.
Money and time are wasted each day with consulting engagements that focus too narrowly and fix only one element of a system. What good is fixing one part of a system that may be rendered useless by the disfunction of another? We believe that only integrated approaches can take your company from project assessment to project implementation and deliver genuine value.

There is no success without implementation.
We are highly selective about our projects, because we are only interested in working with clients that share a deep commitment to aggressive positive change, complete engagement in the consulting process and full implementation of the recommendations that result from our work together. Without such a commitment, the consulting process will fail.