Strategic Partners

To further complement the expertise, capabilities and capacity of our consulting members, Cincinnatus Consulting has developed a robust network of strategic partners who offer leading-level services within the growing security field. These resources become part of the comprehensive services we can offer our clients and form the core group of an extensive strategic sourcing network that both supports and expands our core consulting services.

Corporate Intelligence Analyst Network, Pty. Ltd. (CIAN) is an Australian-based company delivering comprehensive security solutions to the broadest scope of corporate, government and public agencies worldwide. With strategic partners in Australia, Asia/Pacific and North America, CIAN provides a qualified team of skilled intelligence professionals and business strategists for high-level security research and defense strategies for multinational investment programs. The CIAN group represents more than a 150 years of collective experience drawn from the pool of specially trained intelligence and federal law enforcement personnel to offer highly confidential services and decision-oriented intelligence to corporations, businesses, government agencies and high-level executives. From security training to asset protection and physical deployment of personnel, CIAN delivers information, analysis, solutions and implementation. Our mission is to assess vulnerabilities in efficiency and security within corporate and government agencies and to deliver the most decisive and cost-effective solutions.

ePortation LLC has been serving the Ocean and Inland Terminal industry since 2000. We are a Pennsylvania corporation headquartered in Philadelphia . We bring over 200 man-years of shipping experience and over 75 years of software and hardware expertise. In today's technology rich environment, managers tend to view technology as a solution. We view technology as a tool to make the job more efficient and satisfying. We say that if technology gets in the way of production, then the technology does not work. Therefore, while our products are robust, they are also user friendly. Our 'Build it for the individual doing the job' philosophy has allowed us to develop and deploy easy to use, flexible systems enabling dramatic increases in both productivity and profits. Our comapany’s two products, Pass & Stow™and ePortPass™, are two of the leading barrier control and tracking systems on the market today. Pass & Stow™is a powerful yet easy to use, real-time, ocean and inland terminal management system. Built by transportation professionals for transportation professionals, it is simple to set up and deploy and starts making you money within weeks. ePortPass™ is a user friendly, efficient and dependable way to properly control facility access and activity. Monitoring, in real-time, all personnel arriving, transiting and leaving a facility, ePortPass™ answers today's increased security needs for airports, seaports and industrial environments.

Infinite SecurityLLC utilizes a collaborative approach to provide industry-specific guidance in areas such as threat analysis, operational readiness, contingency planning, and regulatory compliance to help our customers envision, design and implement their preventive and remedial security strategies—creating a robust security infrastructure that enhances threat awareness, ensures continuity of operations, and minimizes risks to the safety and security of our clients’ personnel, property, and information. Minimizing risk is essential in today's business environment. To reduce risk, businesses must understand the importance of preparation and vigilance. A focus on preparation and awareness is central to Infinite Security’s collaboration with its clients, and cultivation of its personnel. Clients of Infinite Security learn from the best – our key management personnel have exceptional backgrounds as special agents for the FBI and have held key security executive management positions with major corporations and security organizations/associations throughout the world.

Security Integration Technologies, Inc. (SITI) was founded by FBI Special Agent (Retired) James McIntosh and specializes in aviation and airport security, as well as security personnel training, evaluation and exercise development. SITI has been instrumental in developing security personnel training programs for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), in addition to curricula focused on counterterrorism, emergency communications and management, crisis-response training, advanced criminal investigation methodologies and critical incident stress management (CISM). SITI specializes in training for a wide variety of aviation security technologies, including classified TSA protocols, security analysis and screening procedures. SITI is certified by the TSA to instruct, test and certify Federal baggage screeners in the On Screen Alarm Resolution Protocol (OSARP) programs, in addition to such explosive detection systems as the Computed Tomography Explosive Detection Machine System (EDS), including the L3 3DX 6000 Examiner, Invision CTX 2500, 5500, 9000; as well as the Plus Explosive Detection System (ETD), the Barringer 400A and 400B, Ion Track Itemizer-w and the Egis System.

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