Stakeholder Advocacy

Problem: Security is an absolutely vital, yet complex and expensive part of our contemporary world, which makes it particularly vulnerable to both positive and negative internal and external political influence. The stakeholders in any security project range from internal staff, management and corporate governance, to external community leaders, financiers, civil servants and politicians. Too often, positive progress in meeting security needs is thwarted by a lack of strategic analysis of stakeholder advocacy. Excellent solutions, backed by resources ready at hand can still be undermined without proper buy-in and alignment from key stakeholders.

Our Solution – Your Success: Cincinnatus Consulting’s experience in advocacy, lobbying and communications strategies has helped clients with their advocacy needs. We conduct extensive analysis of a project’s internal and external connectivity, identifying key stakeholders and points of contact. Next, clear language and messages, delivery strategies and schedules are developed and targeted to the values and information needs of all stakeholders, ensuring smoother project development and delivery.

External Relations

Problem: In addition to stakeholder advocacy, many security projects have the potential to generate substantial positive and negative public perceptions. Following 9-11, we have seen how direct service consumers and the general public may fall subject to both positive and negative views of efforts (or lack thereof) to improve security. Poor public relations and information flow, can lead news media to distort or even inaccurately report on security matters, which can lead to short-term or long-term damage to the public images for the entities in question. It is essential that the right information be released, in the right way, to the right people and at the right time.

Our Solution – Your Success: Cincinnatus Consulting possesses years of experience managing sensitive public relations issues surrounding security projects. We can develop publicity language, press releases and media kits that convey substantive positive information about the project without compromising security or confidentiality. We also work closely with your public relations or external affairs departments to craft a strategy for public project roll-out, core message and information flow.

Incident Management

Problem: In many cases, security projects are undertaken in response to critical and very public security failures. Corporations are frequently ill equipped or sluggish to respond, making negative impact worse and the road to recovering public confidence longer. Furthermore, the response must be both internal and external, from the company’s core stakeholders, to the general public. Restoring public and stakeholder trust quickly also depends on having a clear remedy and strategy for moving forward, which often lacks in these situations, leading to increased loss of credibility and even human and financial resources.

Our Solution – Your Success: Cincinnatus Consulting offers several decades of exemplary experience in crisis management. We have developed special procedures and protocols that allow our consultancy to move swiftly into a crisis situation and offer response strategy and support. We will work quickly to craft clear and credible information for public release, we will coach corporate leaders and spokespeople and develop substantive measures to stabilize the situation and move into strategic analysis and improvement.