Project Management

Problem: No matter how large or small a project or company many be, there arise inevitable management capacity and expertise problems when it comes to special security projects. Proper project implementation always involves the temporary infusion of additional human and material resources, which often places a taxing burden on the company’s normal operating capacity. Also, the same expertise required to conduct security assessment and planning is also essential to implementation. It is not always safe to assume that a plan can simply be handed over to internal staff for implementation.

Our Solution – Your Success: Cincinnatus Consulting has a lengthy and proved track record in both small and large-scale project management. We offer the perfect solution to expert, temporary outsourced project labor and oversight, so that your normal business operations remain unaffected and you can rest easy knowing that top experts are seeing your project to its successful end.

Financing Solutions

Problem: Traditionally, project financing strategies are the sole responsibility of the client in consulting relationships. While this may make good business sense from the consulting standpoint, it does not always lead to successful outcomes for both client and consultant—especially when recommendations are slow to be implemented or, as it also happens, are never implemented at all owing to lack of financing. Further, both public and private entities are often at a loss to navigate and leverage the rich financing options provided by private companies and local and federal agencies for security infrastructure support.

Our Solution – Your Success: Cincinnatus Consulting is a leader in offering an array of project financing strategies and solutions. We subscribe to comprehensive marketing and data services allowing us to leverage Department of Homeland Security financing opportunities, from the Federal to the local level, before they reach competitors. We may also engage our lobbying network to advocate for client financing needs. Finally, we are pioneering the investigation and development of innovative private sector financing options to create a diversified array of project revenue streams.

Strategic Sourcing

Problem: Like many industries, the security sector is dominated by the largest and most traditional technology and human resource security service providers. While large, tried-and-true companies may deliver quality and offer a sense of brand name confidence, they rarely offer maximum overall value. Small to mid-sized companies deliver equally well on quality and expertise, but more often exceed larger companies in innovation, efficiency and economy. Unfortunately, these companies don’t often make the vendor short list when investigating and bidding subcontracted security service providers.

Our Solution – Your Success: Cincinnatus Consulting has developed close relationships with an exceptional group of small to mid-size vendors—many minority and veteran owned—offering everything from technology and material solutions, to human resource and training services. Not only can we offer our clients the exceptional innovation and economic value of the companies, but also our close working relationships with them allows us to leverage the best price for their services and ensure a seamless and thoroughly professional working relationship.