(Partner) has more than twenty-one years of experience in both business and technical disciplines. His areas of responsibility and management positions have included product development, project and program management, business development and marketing, as well as serving in corporate positions such as chief engineer, vice president and president. He has been project manager for many defense and aircraft projects, with durations ranging from one month to three years, budgets up to $78 million, team sizes up to 150 people, and funding sources from corporate research and development, commercial and government contracts and multi-company joint ventures. Among such engagements were the development and creation of H-76 Fantail Demonstrator Aircraft, H-46 Dynamic Cmponent Upgrade, Tracer UAV Development and CH-47 Airframe Upgrades. He has led project management and engineering organizations in the development of products ranging from cockpit controls, to airliner leading edges and laser scanners, as well as software and digital cameras for industrial applications. As marketing requirements manager for Boeing in Washington, DC, he served on industry committees for depot maintenance privatization and for export controls updating. He was also directly involved in the acquisition of a French competitor for Triumph Controls and, as president of the holding company, led the process of integration with the United States-based parent company. Andrew has been instrumental in developing company strategy, process improvements, and improved customer relations in each of his organizations. Having lived and worked in Europe, much of Mr. Bertolazzi’s professional experience has involved international business, in both product and market development. He currently provides consulting support in project management, strategy development, international business, and technical training and oversight. He speaks Italian and French fluently, and has a working knowledge of Spanish, and maintains dual citizenship of both the United States and the European Union. He earned both his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and an Executive MBA from Temple University.