(Partner) has more than thirty-eight years of security experience in both government and industry and is the project manager for the Seaport Security Program at the Pennsylvania Regional Port Authority in Philadelphia. COL Lehmann works with Customs and Border Protection to deter smuggling of goods and persons into and out of the United States. He coordinates Customs/Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C/TPAT) programs for shippers, freight forwarders, and terminal operators to certify shipping lanes and to deter the introduction of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) into the United States. He sits on the International Cargo Security Council, is a member of the Transportation Security Committee of ASIS International, and serves as an advisor to the National Safe Harbors Committee. COL Lehmann is one of twelve panel members developing the Maritime Security Officer Certification program for the US, and serves on the adjunct faculty at the US Merchant Marine Academy, teaching facility and vessel security programs. Additionally, he works with several engineering firms providing threat assessment and security designs for public utilities and critical infrastructure in the Pennsylvania/Delaware/New Jersey area, and provides advice to numerous state agencies on matters of homeland defense and terrorism counter-action. COL Lehmann has conducted assessments and/or developed plans for seaports in Aruba and Curacao; Buenaventura and Cartagena, Colombia; and Rotterdam, as well as ports for in Brooklyn, New York and Wilmington, Delaware. He is a consultant to Negocios Seguridades, bringing major ports in Brazil into compliance with the ISPS Code, and has assisted the German Waterways Police in Hamburg, Germany in their ISPS Code compliance program.