Specialist Training
Problem: Developments and change within the area of security operations, protocols and first-response procedures are growing more frequent and rapid. It is more challenging than ever to keep even specialized security staff trained in the latest technologies, processes, procedures and regulations. In addition, ongoing training and updating of staff skills often takes vital time and resources away from ongoing operations. 

Our Solution – Your Success: Cincinnatus Consulting has years of experience in the ongoing training of specialized security personnel. We keep current with the latest protocols, procedures and offer an efficient and economical outsourced solution to meeting your regular training and professional development needs for security staff. Through our strategic partners, Cincinnatus may also assist with the recruitment and training of new security personnel at all staffing levels.

Non-Specialist Training
Problem: Comprehensive security and crisis preparedness are dependent not only in a highly trained professional security staff, but also on the level of training, orientation and awareness of non-security staff and personnel, which can range from administrative and support staff, to executive leadership, students, tenants, and other permanent and semi-permanent constituents at your site. Finding the right balance of training and awareness for non-security personnel, as well as the means to train them is an ongoing challenge to any organization.

Our Solution – Your Success: Cincinnatus Consulting believes in working closely with clients to develop highly customized solutions to general and ongoing security training for your staff. Central to our approach is developing a solution that is clear, easily implemented, cost effective, sustainable and closely tuned to the organizational and corporate culture of our client.

Continued Training & Security Evaluation
Problem: All security systems and infrastructure will fail if continued training and evaluation measures are not regularly undertaken. Once a thorough training regimen has been completed with both specialized and non-specialized staff, there will be a need for regular refresher training sessions, as well as drills and exercises to test response procedures.

Our Solution – Your Success: Cincinnatus Consulting offers decades of experience in developing security handbooks and continued training guides and processes. In addition, we can design regular drills and exercises customized to the client and that integrate with other security infrastructure and first responders, such as police, fire departments and EMS. Both ongoing training and regular exercises are crucial to continued evaluation and updating of your security plans and protocols.